West Coast Americas Collection

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West Coast Americas Collection

Like explorers of the past, it’s time for an epic adventure. Golden Horizon charts a route south from Seward through the rugged wilderness of Alaska to Chile.

After sighting giant glaciers, icy fjords and, hopefully, whales and bears, mother nature continues to astound as our tall ship travels along Canada’s wild west coast to Vancouver Island. The scenic waterfront cities of Seattle and San Francisco keep the wows coming as we sail past California’s sun-kissed shores, exploring the laid-back beaches of Catalina Island and buzzy boardwalks of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Voyaging on, we enter Mexico’s balmy waters, stopping at Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco, before Guatemala and Nicaragua. Dreamy bays, dive sites and wildlife encounters abound as we explore Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. Continuing along the Pacific coastline, we’ll be greeted by the ancient wonders and diverse landscapes of Peru and Chile.

Golden Horizon Voyages West Coast Americas Collection

DateNightsDeparture PortArrival PortVoyageVoyage CodeTwin/DoubleSingle
July 11, 202217Seward (Alaska)Victoria (Vancouver Island)Alaska: Into The WildernessGH1622£3,999£6,349
July 28, 202213Victoria (Vancouver Island)San DiegoUSA West Coast WondersGH1722£3,549£5,649
August 10, 20229San DiegoAcapulco (Mexico)Colours of the Mexican CoastGH1822£2,099£3,349
August 19, 202213Acapulco (Mexico)Puerto CalderaCentral America ExplorerGH1922£2,549£4,099
September 1, 202216Puerto CalderaGuayaquilWild Costa Rica and Panama’s IslandsGH2022£3,199£5,099
September 17, 202217GuayaquilValparaisoPeru and Chile: Inca InfusionGH2122£3,849£6,149
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