23 Jul 2020

Tradewind Voyages Joins CLIA

Tradewind Voyages News

Tradewind Voyages has joined Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) as a UK, Ireland and European Cruise Line.

Joining CLIA will enable Tradewind Voyages to further increase its profile and work closely with travel agents after positive initial feedback from the travel trade.

CLIA has over 4,000 agent members in the UK and Europe, all connected via the new digital platform cruising.org.  It also has a significant social media presence.

Tradewind Voyages will take part in CLIA’s Learning Academy, to train agents about its ship and the company.

Our marketing director Jeremy McKenna said joining CLIA was an important step for the company.

“We are delighted to become part of the CLIA family, the world’s largest cruise industry trade association,” he said.

“We have a unique ship that we are confident agents and their customers will love.  We expect that in 2021, a ship offering sustainable voyages by using the wind and sun will have a big appeal.”

CLIA director of UK and Ireland Andy Harmer said: “It’s exciting to have a new cruise line join us, particularly one that is offering something different. “We look forward to the time when holidaymakers will be able to enjoy sailing on Golden Horizon.”