17 Feb 2021

Spectacular Marina – Enjoy The Sea Sustainably

Tradewind Voyages News

Golden Horizon’s spectacular marina will be the focal point for environmentally friendly watersports that enhance our green credentials, in line with the sustainability philosophy we pledge to follow.

Golden Horizon, the world’s largest square-rigged sailing ship, will offer voyages with unique sustainability credentials when it sails east from September 2021. Aiming to use wind power for 70% of each season, we feel it is imperative to maintain our philosophy of protecting the environment in all operations both onboard and ashore.

We will steer away from offering watersports which typically use gas to power engines. Instead, guests will be able to snorkel, kayak, windsurf and paddleboard, among other sports, to enjoy the ocean. Areas around the marina will also be cordoned off for swimming.

Sea bobs, which use battery power to propel people through water, will be available and guests will also have the opportunity to go on diving trips where appropriate.

Tradewind Voyages product director Oliver Hammerer, has worked with colleagues to create something that combines elements of the best marinas on ships, while ensuring the environment is protected.

Situated at the stern of the ship, the marina folds down into the water and extends four metres out to reveal a teak decked surface.

“We want guests to have a lot of fun while following our philosophy,” said Hammerer.  “I’m also on the look-out for other toys to use on the marina that people will enjoy, provided they are environmentally friendly, of course.”

The number of marina days will vary by voyage, depending on the itinerary. The ship may also make unscheduled stops to use the marina, at the discretion of the captain.

In December 2021, our Great Barrier Reef & Gold Coast voyage includes 6 sailing days in the itinerary. The Marina is likely to be a hub of activity on those days, where guests could catch a glimpse of the unique marine wildlife that the Great Barrier Reef provides a home for.

In April 2022, our Indian Ocean Paradise voyage gives guests plenty of time to enjoy the Indian Ocean’s turquoise waters from the marina. With 5 scenic days of sailing from one dazzling island to another, this voyage promises plenty of Indonesian adventures above and below the water.

Safety and security will always be paramount. Tradewind Voyages will have three staff members dedicated to the marina and use of equipment will always be supervised.

Guests will only pay extra for diving, with use of all other equipment included in the price of the voyage.  A dive pool, where guests can learn to dive, will be situated three decks up from the marina.