Mediterranean 2023 Voyages

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Limited Time Offer For All Departures: Complimentary Horizon Beer & Wine Collection… Worth Up To £410pp and Low Deposit of £100pp and Late Final Balance Payment Due 30 Days Prior to Embarkation.

Expires 31st March 2022

Date Nights Departure Arrival Voyage Voyage Code Twin/Double (pp) Single (pp)
April 3, 2023 14 Bridgetown Lisbon Caribbean & Azores Transatlantic GH1323 From £2,199pp From £3,449pp
April 18, 2023 10 Lisbon Barcelona Rounding the Iberian Peninsula GH1423 From £3,249pp From £5,099pp
April 28, 2023 7 Barcelona Barcelona Traditions of the Western Med GH1523 From £2,349pp From £3,749pp
May 5, 2023 7 Barcelona Barcelona Spanish & French Contrasts GH1623 From £2,449pp From £3,899pp
May 12, 2023 7 Barcelona Barcelona Med Islands and Cote d’Azur GH1723 From £2,549pp From £4,049pp
May 19, 2023 8 Barcelona Rome* Barcelona to Rome GH1823 From £2,799pp From £4,449pp
May 27, 2023 7 Rome* Rome* French Riviera & Islands Explorer GH1923 From £2,299pp From £3,599pp
June 3, 2023 8 Rome* Rome* Amalfi Coast & Tyrrhenian Islands GH2023 From £2,449pp From £3,899pp
June 10, 2023 7 Rome* Rome* Discovering French & Italian Shores GH2123 From £2,449pp From £3,899pp
June 17, 2023 10 Rome* Split Rome to Split GH2223 From £3,399pp From £5,349pp
June 27, 2023 10 Split Split Venice & Adriatic Adventure GH2323 From £3,449pp From £5,449pp
July 7, 2023 10 Split Split Adriatic Archipelagos GH2423 From £3,249pp From £5,099pp
July 17, 2023 10 Split Split Venice & Adriatic Adventure GH2523 From £3,449pp From £5,449pp
July 27, 2023 10 Split Split Adriatic Archipelagos GH2623 From £3,249pp From £5,099pp
August 6, 2023 10 Split Athens** Split to Athens GH2723 From £3,299pp From £5,199pp
August 16, 2023 7 Athens** Athens** Greek Island Gems GH2823 From £2,599pp From £4,099pp
August 23, 2023 7 Athens** Athens** UNESCO Discovery GH2923 From £2,549pp From £4,049pp
August 30, 2023 7 Athens** Athens** Tales of Ancient Greece GH3023 From £2,449pp From £3,899pp
September 6, 2023 7 Athens** Athens** Greek Island Gems GH3123 From £2,499pp From £3,999pp
September 13, 2023 7 Athens** Rhodes Athens to Rhodes GH3223 From £2,349pp From £3,749pp
September 20, 2023 7 Rhodes Rhodes Contrasts of the Aegean Sea GH3323 From £2,349pp From £3,749pp
September 27, 2023 7 Rhodes Rhodes Eastern Mediterranean Adventure GH3423 From £2,299pp From £3,699pp

*Port for Rome is Civitavecchia – the coastal gateway to Rome.

**Port for Athens is Piraeus.

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