03 Sep 2020

Company Grows By Supporting Local Businesses

Tradewind Voyages News

Tradewind Voyages has been strongly supporting its local economy by hiring nearby companies to help bring the business to life during the pandemic.

The Suffolk-based cruise company has commissioned a printing firm, marketing agency, IT support company, merchandisers and composers from the area over the past months.

The support of Tradewind Voyages has been a big boost for the companies, during a difficult period when many of them saw a downturn in business due to restrictions imposed by the government to combat the virus.

“As we started building this company, we made a decision early on that we wanted to support local people and the economy as much as possible,” said Stuart McQuaker, Chief Executive Officer at Tradewind Voyages, who lives a short walk from the new office.  

“It’s been great to give something back to the area and at the same time the professionalism and skill of the local companies has been second to none.” 

Ipswich-based Print Management Agency Mutual Media printed 5,000 copies of Tradewind Voyages’ 20-page preview brochure and will be printing 20,000 copies of the 68-page main brochure.

Mutual Media experienced a significant drop in business during the outbreak and was delighted to take on Tradewind Voyages as a new client during the tough trading period.  The company is now recovering strongly and has around 80% of its pre-Covid business.

Mutual Media managing director Peter Brady said Tradewind Voyages was a great fit his company.

“Tradewind Voyages is the type of company that we want to align our business with as they share similar ethics to us.  They want to be the best and they don’t want to compromise on quality,” he said.

“Most of our clients have been with us for many, many years and our hope is that Tradewind Voyages will be too.”

Marketing agency StrategiQ, based in Brightwell near Ipswich, have worked on all aspects of branding, design and social media with the cruise company since its formation last year.

When the pandemic hit, StrategiQ continued to work with Tradewind Voyages but some of the marketing agency’s clients cut back their business, leading it to furlough staff.  StrategiQ has since recovered strongly and is now taking on new clients and staff.

“Working with Tradewind Voyages is a real thrill,” said business development and marketing consultant Ian Garstang. “Golden Horizon is such a beautiful ship with a high class feel.

“It’s also great to be working with a local company, being able to see them face-to-face during this time and being there from the beginning, helping to create the narrative for the brand.”

Ipswich-based IT support company Lucid Systems ensured that Tradewind Voyages’ computer network and telephone systems were installed smoothly – no mean feat when having to adhere to social distancing rules, or indeed access the new office remotely.

Meanwhile, Colchester-based merchandising company Total Merchandise helped to bring the new Tradewind Voyages team together with branded mugs and writing sets.

Tradewind Voyages even hired local musicians to compose the music ‘The Ocean’s Journey’, a dramatic track that passengers on Golden Horizon will hear as the ship sails out of port.

Jack Culpin met Tradewind Voyages Chief Executive Stuart McQuaker, himself a musician, in an orchestra and was commissioned, along with his cousin James Waymont, to create the music.

“We are proud of our record of supporting local businesses and will continue to do so as we grow the company,” said McQuaker.